Align your Chakras

Boosting DeFi stakeholders' yield potential and governance power

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Maximise your BPTs

Provide liquidity on Balancer and deposit your Balancer Pool Tokens (BPTs) into Aura to earn Balancer trading fees, boosted BAL rewards and AURA.


Vote-lock AURA to receive voting power and govern the protocol. With vlAURA, you will be able to direct incentives to Balancer gauges using the system’s veBAL.

Stake BAL & Boost Rewards

Convert 8020 BAL ETH BPT into auraBAL and receive all existing veBAL rewards (BAL + bb-a-USD), in addition to a share of system revenue in BAL, plus AURA. Staking auraBAL contributes to the success and power of the Aura protocol.


Harness the power of Aura to build exciting products. Aura pools support the ERC-4626 standard to optimise composibility.

Aura Governance

Community led, decentralised governance


Control the direction of the Aura community, treasury and protocol and change system parameters.

Balancer Gauge Voting

Direct the flow of Balancer incentives. Don’t have a gauge in mind? Sell your voting power on secondary markets.

Balancer Snapshot Voting

Use protocol owned veBAL to vote on Balancer proposals through meta governance.

Join the Aura Community

Our Discord and Twitter are the best places to stay up to date on all of Aura’s latest developments.